S​/​T 12"

by future / primitive

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Recorded @ HF Records, Camden NJ
5/21/13 and 6/26/13
Engineered by Mike Tarsia & Nate Nato


released 23 February 2014

Leora Colby, Vocals
Calum Mackenzie, Bass
Erin Nelson, Drums
Jaime Herrera, Guitar

on this Recording:
Graham Diguiseppi, drums
Ron Scott, Bass

Mixed and Mastered by Ron Sword



all rights reserved


feeds for this album, this artist
Track Name: A Street Pharmacist
I close the doors

I lock my mind

I shut my eyes

ghetto rights

extensive prisons

frozen feared blocks

the cesspool holding cell

before addiction

violence is awake

and never sleeps

so lock your doors

close your mind

shut your eyes.
Track Name: Kaspar Hauser
I’m so far away from everything

/It feels strong in my heart
The music feels strong in my heart

/I feel so unexpectedly old

Why is everything so hard for me?
Why can’t I play piano like I can
breath, breath, breath?

Nothing lives less in me than my life

/The people are like wolves to me

It seems to me
that my coming into this world
was a very hard fall
Track Name: Lies (Chron Gen)
Eyes wide mouth dry I'm so high
never think I'm gonna die
I'm just flying like a kite
up all day and up all night, all night

Next day I'm so full of surprise
last night told so many lies
it's just reality in disguise
I've fallen for those awful lies, those lies

See me now I wanna cry
reality can't keep me high
I just can't handle a normal life
I wanna die give me a knife, a knife

Tell me what it's all about
it's all about getting out
I'm in a cage inside my brain
Give me the key, I wanna speed again
Track Name: Regrets
These gods are razed / Empty tribes, Vicious craze

Following / the guiding sun

Nurturing / forgotten ones

I ought to be alone in this world
no other living thing.
Myself, naked. On a rock.

evolve / invert thoughts
naked idols that distract

manufactured consent
divorced subtext

no more progress
endless regress
Regrets, Regrets, Regrets

/ Banks
/ Time
/ Church
/ Storms
/ Debt
/ Breath
/ Dream
/ Death
/ Roads
/ Sun
/ Snow
/ Night
/ Life
/ Hope
/ Fight

No Culture
Track Name: Cold Sweats
I wish it was me
/ driving in that car
/ that hit you so hard
/ that got to show you
Just how much
Karma owes you

And like the spider plant
that I gave you
Which you left
dying on your stair
A token of our friendship
but it only showed me
you don’t care

Now I wake up in cold sweats
From the monster in my dreams
Tears fall from my face
and it makes me want to scream

Now I wake up in cold sweats
From the monster that is you
Each night is haunted
by the pain you put me through

Now I wake up in cold sweats.... from you
Track Name: Aguirre
I’ve travelled many roads
I’ve done so many things
My wisdom HAS grown in time
From the places that I’ve seen

Don’t question me girl
You have so much to learn
You know everything
You think you can’t be burned

You’ll lose your way
Hear the words I say
I tried to guide you
You pulled yourself away

You’re alone, traveling down a lonely road
You’ve lost your light and you don’t know where to go
I paved a path, but you kicked away the stones
Moonlight has faded, in the dark you stand alone
Track Name: La Soufrière

The hours passed
Silence grew
Death clouds ROLLING


I have nothing
nothing at all

Why should I leave?
Where could I go?
Track Name: Woyzeck
in a room with you
because you see right through me
I am invisible

I speak, but there’s no words
You hear, but you don’t listen
I am invisible

So I die, in my bed at night
Alone, with you by my side
I am invisible

We breathe every breath together
But I feel more alone than ever
I am invisible